Research lines

NameDescriptionMain researcher
Smart arrays designUsing simulation-based techniques and along with genetic algorithms, geometries are designed for random-type sensor arrays.Lara del Val Puente
Design and construction of intelligent arrays with MEMS technologyUsing microphones/ A/D converters with MEMS technology, smart microphones are designed and built, implementing real-time FPGA architectures.Alberto Izquierdo Fuente / Juan Jose Villacorta Calvo
Biometric system based on intelligent acoustic sensorsThrough an array of acoustic sensors, a person is scanned (analogously to ultrasound / tac / resonance techniques), obtaining their acoustic response for a set of specific frequencies and positions.
With this information and using advanced classification techniques, systems are designed to identify an extensive set of people and therefore to establish a biometric system of reduced and non-intrusive cost.
Alberto Izquierdo Fuente / Lara del Val Puente
Surveillance and monitoring systems using intelligent acoustic sensorsBy means of an extensive set of sensors of the same type (called array) consisting of microphones and loudspeakers that are arranged in a plane with an established geometry, and using techniques (called beamforming) that allow to point the array electronically to A point of space, (without the antenna having to make any movement), a monitoring space is explored, detecting the objects that are present, estimating its spatial position and finally making an estimate of its trajectory and its kinematic parameters (Speed , Acceleration, etc.).Alberto Izquierdo Fuente / Juan Jose Villacorta Calvo
Fault detection in Fan MatricesBy analysing the acoustic signals and using machine learning techniques such as SVMs, it is possible to detect which fans in the array are failing.Lara del Val
SHM systems design based on MEMS accelerometersDesign of structure monitoring systems for the analysis and detection of failures in wooden structures.Juan José Villacorta Calvo / Alberto Izquierdo Fuente