TitleFunding OrganisationDurationAid Amount
Monitoring and diagnosis of the health of timber structures in the Cultural Heritage using low-cost dynamic techniques (TSHMLowC4.0)Junta de Castilla y León (FEDER)2021-2023264.000€
Acoustic system for pedestrian detection based on a large array of MEMS transducersMINECO2020-202230.000€
Design of an intelligent driving system under an IoT platform with low-cost devices (IoT4SafeDriving)MINECO2020-2022120.000€
Development of embedded acoustic localisation systems based on intelligent microphones for surveillance, rescue and care applications (Assisted Living)Junta de Castilla y León2018-202012.000€
Non-destructive characterisation and diagnosis of timber structures in cultural heritage using dynamic techniquesJunta de Castilla y León2017-2019116.700€
Acoustic array processing system based on high-dimensional mems sensors for acoustic biometrics and noise and vibration monitoringec2015-68170-r. Mineco2016-201840.500€
Development of a high-performance computing system for signal processing applications based on a cluster of GPUs2015
Optimisation of video-acoustic systems for surveillance and monitoring with electronically scanned arrays2014
Confrmation and beam management techniques for video-acoustic detection and classification systems2013
Development of a high-performance computing system for signal processing applications based on a cluster of GPUsUniversidad pontificia de salamanca20124.000€
Development of an acoustic monitoring and tracking system for unpowered gliders.2012
Optimisation of the simulation of beamforming system algorithms using grid-computing systemsUniversidad pontificia de salamanca20102.000€


TitleFunding OrganisationDurationAid amount
Integral Project of Specialized Intervention for the Rescue and Safeguarding of the Murals Elaborated with the Mexican Mosaic Technique Located in the SCOP CenterCAV Diseño e Ingenieria202352.260€
R&D&I audit - research and development of a new versatile acoustic system based on line array systems.2011
Collaboration agreement between the Department of Development of the Regional Government of Castilla y León and the University of Valladolid on telecommunications (radiolocation and spectrum management).2010