Resources & Services

Anechoic chamber of dimensions 5x3x2.5 with a cut-off frequency of 500 Hz. In this chamber it is possible to evaluate radiation diagrams of microphones and loudspeakers, emulate propagation conditions in open space, recording, etc. Multichannel amplification and recording systems are available, as well as a set of studio monitors and microphones.

A set of acoustic chambers are available from 64 sensors to 1024 sensors, with reconfigurable geometries. They are based on MEMS microphones with sampling rates up to 100 kSps. They have a capture, visualization and processing application in the temporal, frequency and spatial domain. A Labview library is also available for application development.

A stand-alone system is available for real-time monitoring of up to 10 channels with triaxial MEMS accelerometers with sampling rates up to 4 kSps. Applications are available for modal analysis and real-time acceleration monitoring and data logging and statistics applications.