Participation in the Tecniacústica 2023 conference

The GIR GPA, together with Professor Ana Isabel Tarrero and student Lena Benito-Sendín, from the University of Valladolid, have participated in the Tecniacústica 2023 congress (54th Spanish Congress of Acoustics, XIII Iberian Meeting of Acoustics and International Symposium on Acoustics and Biomedical Engineering), held in Cuenca (Spain) between 18 and 20 October 2023.

At this congress, the gamification activity “Escape from noise” was presented, designed to raise awareness, from an early age, about the problems caused by noise and the effects it produces. The activity allows to learn in a playful and fun way fundamental concepts related to noise and how to protect oneself from it, in order to reduce its harmful effects on both people and the environment.

This activity has been awarded the “Challenge SEA” prize for Young Researchers by the SEA (Spanish Acoustics Society).




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