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New acoustics MEMS arrays Project

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Last March we designed two new Acoustic Array boards. Each board has 16 Mems microphones with a circular and square geometry respectively.

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Stay at Vrije Universitetit Brussel (VUB)

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Professor Alberto Izquierdo Fuente has made a training stay in the ETRO group of the Department of Industry Sciences (INDI) of the Free University of Brussels (VUB) (Belgium). He has worked with Prof. Abdellah Touhafi in the area of ​​acoustic arrays with embedded systems based on reconfigurable FPGA.



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Using a Planar Array of MEMS Microphones to Obtain Acoustic Images of a Fan Matrix

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This paper proposes the use of a signal acquisition and processing system based on an 8X8 planar array of MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) microphones to obtain acoustic images of a fan matrix. A 3X3 matrix of PC fans has been implemented to perform the study. Some tests to obtain the acoustic images of the individual fans and of the whole matrix have been defined and have been carried out inside an anechoic chamber. The nonstationary signals received by each MEMS microphone and their corresponding spectra have been analyzed, as well as the corresponding acoustic images. The analysis of the acoustic signals spectra reveals the resonance frequency of the individual fans. The obtained results reveal the feasibility of the proposed system to obtained acoustic images of a fan matrix and of its individual fans, in this last case, in order to estimate the real position of the fan inside the matrix.

See full story: Using a Planar Array of MEMS Microphones to Obtain Acoustic Images of a Fan Matrix

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Sixth edition of the Málaga Transfers Forum

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During the 15th and 16th of February, the sixth edition of the Transfer Forum is held in Malaga, which is the main national event on R & D + i, where Aberto Izquierdo attended, as a representative of our Array Processing Group.

At Transfiere, public and private agents linked to the R + D + i ecosystem, as well as independent professionals and representatives of SMEs and multinationals, public administrations, universities, technological centers and science and technology parks, among others, meet every year.

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