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New Plates for our Project

Last March we designed our own plates to adapt them to our Arrays. They are two plates with 16 microphones positioned in two different ways; one in circular shape and the other rectangular. Plates totally designed by us with which we will certainly be able to advance in our project and very proud of the

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Sixth edition of the Málaga Transfers Forum

During the 15th and 16th of February, the sixth edition of the Transfer Forum is held in Malaga, which is the main national event on R & D + i, where Aberto Izquierdo attended, as a representative of our Array Processing Group. At Transfiere, public and private agents linked to the R + D +

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Design and Evaluation of a Scalable and Reconfigurable Multi-Platform System for Acoustic Imaging

A distributed processing architecture based on FPGA / ARM / PC / GPU has been published and analyzed its performance for the capture of acoustic signals and the generation of 3D images

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New 3D positioner system for building Virtual Arrays

In collaboration with the UBU, a 3D positioning system has been designed allowing that 8×8 SAM array could be moved with millimetric precision. With this new tool, virtual arrays of thousands of sensors can be built with angular resolutions of tenths of degree.

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